Héctor is a documentary filmmaker from Spain,  currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 

With over 15 years of experience directing documentaries in various countries, including the United States, Nepal, India, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador, Muniente has gained recognition for his exceptional work. His five feature-length documentaries have been theatrically released, selected in international film festivals, and broadcasted by major television networks.

Muniente’s debut documentary, «Bella Terra,» is an intimate and eccentric film that explores the lives of a couple of unconventional characters living in the heart of a Spanish «Beverly Hills». «Bella Terra» is a homage to the classic documentary «Grey Gardens”.

One of Muniente’s most noteworthy works is «American Greyhounds» (2010), a road movie that follows a group of people traveling by buses during Barack Obama’s election campaign in the United States. The film offers a unique perspective on the political climate of the country and the hopes and aspirations of its people from different generations.

Other notable works are «Gustavo Bueno. The Return to the Cave» (2016), which centers on the Spanish philosopher Gustavo Bueno,  «Comediants, with the Sun in a Suitcase” (2013), which explores the history of one of the most famous theater companies in Spain, Comediants, and «Karuna» (2020), a documentary road movie about women’s empowerment, filmed in Asia.

Currently, Muniente is releasing his sixth feature documentary, «The Ecuadorian Candidate,» which chronicles the latest presidential elections in Ecuador.

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