American Greyhounds

American Greyhounds is a Feature-Length Documentary that portrayed the optimism explosion pinned on Barack Obama among long-haul bus passengers during the 2008 election. The documentary goes in-depth into this strange and ephemeral underworld to delve into the stories of its characters, their hopes and dreams searching for the American Dream.

Directed: Héctor Muniente & Mario Aranguren
Cinematographer:Héctor Muniente & Mario Aranguren
Edition: Moncho Fernández
Production: Bambú Producciones

Lenght: 79′
Year: 2010

Premiered in competition at the Documenta Madrid Film Festival. Special Mention in the Festival Alcances de Cádiz. Special Awarded in Pobre de Cuba Film Festival “to ingeniously achieving an American society x-ray in its most humble layers”.