Gustavo Bueno. La vuelta a la caverna

Feature-Length Documentary about the renowned Spanish philosopher Gustavo Bueno. Gustavo Bueno (1924-2016) was a Spanish philosopher who developed a system of “philosophical materialism». Named “top Spanish philosopher» by the Times, his works have been widely discussed and cited, as well as translated into several languages. This documentary reconstructs his life through Plato’s allegory of the cavern and thus becomes a reflection on the role of philosophy today.

Director: Héctor Muniente
Cinematographer: Moncho Fernández & Héctor Muniente
Edition: Moncho Fernández & Héctor Muniente
Production: Nódulo Materialista, RTVE

Length 78′
Year: 2016

Produced by RTVE and Nódulo Materialista and broadcast on the TV show «Imprescindibles».